Monday, March 28, 2011

New Adventures

Well I am on my second week of being a stay at home mom and I love it! People say I will get bored but right now Im just enjoying my freedom. I started talking to a dear friend of mine and have decided to start making some kids applique and monogrammed type clothes. Not sure where it will take us but we are excited and it keeps us busy. Im looking forward to making some throw pillows for each room of the house :) We even have some office space to spread out and get busy creating so Im super excited to see what all we do. Of course I will post pics! I hear its suppose to be sunny this weekend which is a good thing because I have tons to spray paint. I have so many projects to finish and the weather has not been nice. I also need to get out in my yard and become one with the weeds. Anyone is free to join me :) Now Im going back to Etsy to find more applique designs for our shirts. Stay tuned for the facebook page and let me know if you need anything lol Until next time...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So...where to begin? My husband finally got a job!! He started Monday with orientation and begins the night shift tomorrow night. Kinda weird having the kids all by myself at night but Im a pro so I can handle it. On a different note, I lost my job Monday. Im ok with this. Its been a long time coming. Trying to decide to go for some jobs or just take my unemployment and have the summer off with the kids??? What would you do? lol Jake does have surgery June 1st so I may just take the unemployment unless something awesome comes up.

Me and my wonderful neighbor went to a rumage sale and a couple of flea markets/thrift store type places last Saturday. We had so much fun and got lots of good deals. We discovered this place called Grumpy Girl thats located off the square in Franklin KY. They have a website so you must check it out for all you non local people. They make everything homemade from scratch with good stuff and not nasty chemicals. The lady who started it cracks me up. She has funny names for the scents like junk in the trunk or hot tranny mess lol But the scents are fantastic. My neighbor got the Arh Carumba which smells just like a margarita in a bar of soap. It has natural salt in it to help exfoliate your skin. I have a Scentsy burner so I got some of her wax melts and let me just say the Vanilla Plum really makes you want to slap somebody it smells so good. My whole house is smelling so yummy...which could be another reason I may take unemployment lol Anyway, they have soap, shower gel, these awesome bath bombs including the cupcake name it, they have it. and no, she didnt pay me to say these things :)

So my wonderful husband finally finished my menu board and this is the wonderful result...
My next two projects will be the mail/key area and the dreaded horrible breaker box :) Until then...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Pattys Day :)

Happy St Patricks Day!! I love that everyone celebrates my heritage and I hope you wore green today :)

It was so beautiful today! I love that spring is finally coming to town. We started walking on our break at work and soaking in all the sun. When I got home, it was so nice outside that we took a family stroll around the neighborhood...even Lillie the wonder pup.

So for those of you that dont know, we recently moved our 4 year old to montessori school. Well, the transition is not going so great. He was great the first two weeks but this week has been a nightmare. Im afraid they are going to kick him out for bad behavior. How great of a mom would I look if my kid got kicked out of preschool??? Im hoping the time change has what brought his attitude out and he just needs this week to adjust. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Besides, how can you get mad at this face??
I promise he gets the attitude from his father :)

Great news...the hubster finally got a job!!! Im so excited to finally not have all the bills on my shoulders! And he will be getting paid more and its closer to home. Jesus does answer prayers :) With the new job, he will have to work nights but its only for 4 nights and he will get Fri-Sun off. That means I need to get back in the routine of prepping everything the night before. *sigh* lol But Im really excited for him and more excited about being able to shop again lol Until next time....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jersey Shore

Ok so I know Im 32 years old but yes I love the show The Jersey Show. Maybe because its so silly and stupid that it makes me appreciate my life more. Who knows. What I do know is that I love watching it. We didnt start watching it until this season so we had to DVR all the past seasons to catch up. And before you ask, yes I am following them all on twitter lol Make fun of me if you will but its my guilty pleasure :)

On another note, my menu board should be done tomorrow...YAY! And Im almost decided on what to do with the hideous breaker box. My order from Uppercase Living came today so I got to go crazy and put up some super cute expressions in my bedroom...whoop whoop.

So I leave you with this, my most adorable pups Lillie is the only girl I will ever have, but I think shes been around the boys too much. This is what she looked like when she came back in from pottying last night.

Now how am I suppose to snuggle with that??? :) Until next time....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day One

So I have a huge list of blogs that I follow and decided that I should start my own. Not sure how this will all go but I will give it a try. Right now Im waiting on my husband to finish the wood for my new menu board to go on my pantry door. Starting last week, I decided that we spend too much money eating out and its making us sick. After reading other blogs, I created a menu for two weeks, made a shopping list based on the menu and I have to say, we are sticking to it! yay :) I will most pics when the menu board is done. So I need some suggestions...I have this ugly breaker box in my laundry room.....

Not really sure what to do with it. I thought about covering it with scrapbook paper or maybe spraying painting it with chalboard paint to make a memo area or using it to display my kids school work they come home with..what do you think? what would you do with it? Until next time.....