Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So...where to begin? My husband finally got a job!! He started Monday with orientation and begins the night shift tomorrow night. Kinda weird having the kids all by myself at night but Im a pro so I can handle it. On a different note, I lost my job Monday. Im ok with this. Its been a long time coming. Trying to decide to go for some jobs or just take my unemployment and have the summer off with the kids??? What would you do? lol Jake does have surgery June 1st so I may just take the unemployment unless something awesome comes up.

Me and my wonderful neighbor went to a rumage sale and a couple of flea markets/thrift store type places last Saturday. We had so much fun and got lots of good deals. We discovered this place called Grumpy Girl thats located off the square in Franklin KY. They have a website so you must check it out for all you non local people. They make everything homemade from scratch with good stuff and not nasty chemicals. The lady who started it cracks me up. She has funny names for the scents like junk in the trunk or hot tranny mess lol But the scents are fantastic. My neighbor got the Arh Carumba which smells just like a margarita in a bar of soap. It has natural salt in it to help exfoliate your skin. I have a Scentsy burner so I got some of her wax melts and let me just say the Vanilla Plum really makes you want to slap somebody it smells so good. My whole house is smelling so yummy...which could be another reason I may take unemployment lol Anyway, they have soap, shower gel, these awesome bath bombs including the cupcake bomb...you name it, they have it. and no, she didnt pay me to say these things :)

So my wonderful husband finally finished my menu board and this is the wonderful result...
My next two projects will be the mail/key area and the dreaded horrible breaker box :) Until then...

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  1. I had a great time last weekend too! Can't wait to go back and visit the Grumpy Girl again :) If you crunched those numbers, I think you should take the time off and enjoy summer with the boys!

    Your Wonderful Neighbor