Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jersey Shore

Ok so I know Im 32 years old but yes I love the show The Jersey Show. Maybe because its so silly and stupid that it makes me appreciate my life more. Who knows. What I do know is that I love watching it. We didnt start watching it until this season so we had to DVR all the past seasons to catch up. And before you ask, yes I am following them all on twitter lol Make fun of me if you will but its my guilty pleasure :)

On another note, my menu board should be done tomorrow...YAY! And Im almost decided on what to do with the hideous breaker box. My order from Uppercase Living came today so I got to go crazy and put up some super cute expressions in my bedroom...whoop whoop.

So I leave you with this, my most adorable pups Lillie is the only girl I will ever have, but I think shes been around the boys too much. This is what she looked like when she came back in from pottying last night.

Now how am I suppose to snuggle with that??? :) Until next time....

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