Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Pattys Day :)

Happy St Patricks Day!! I love that everyone celebrates my heritage and I hope you wore green today :)

It was so beautiful today! I love that spring is finally coming to town. We started walking on our break at work and soaking in all the sun. When I got home, it was so nice outside that we took a family stroll around the neighborhood...even Lillie the wonder pup.

So for those of you that dont know, we recently moved our 4 year old to montessori school. Well, the transition is not going so great. He was great the first two weeks but this week has been a nightmare. Im afraid they are going to kick him out for bad behavior. How great of a mom would I look if my kid got kicked out of preschool??? Im hoping the time change has what brought his attitude out and he just needs this week to adjust. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Besides, how can you get mad at this face??
I promise he gets the attitude from his father :)

Great news...the hubster finally got a job!!! Im so excited to finally not have all the bills on my shoulders! And he will be getting paid more and its closer to home. Jesus does answer prayers :) With the new job, he will have to work nights but its only for 4 nights and he will get Fri-Sun off. That means I need to get back in the routine of prepping everything the night before. *sigh* lol But Im really excited for him and more excited about being able to shop again lol Until next time....

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