Thursday, May 5, 2011

Growing Up in the South

So today I got to eat lunch with my cousin who now lives in LA. We only get to see him a couple of times a year so I was so glad to hear that he wanted to eat lunch with us while he was passing thru. He had two friends with him and one was born and raised in California. She was so facinated with everything in Tennessee. As we were eating our very southern lunch, we got to talking about the cicadas that are coming to visit this year. She had never heard of these bugs and was excited to learn about them. That then got us talking about other summer things which she had never heard of. For example, she had no clue what a lightning bug was, how to creek stomp and catch crawdads, never sucked honeysuckle off a vine or ate at a Krystals. I guess growing up here, I tend to overlook how lucky I am to have been able to grow up and now raise my kids in this awesome place we call The South. I now look forward to poking some holes in a mason jar and have Jack catch his own lightning bugs this summer. And I will have to role up the pants legs and get in the creek to help Jake build a dam :) Until next time....

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  1. Wow. It's so crazy to think of all the people in this country who have not done/had some of the awesome things we have in the South! I'm proud to be Southern!!!