Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30 Day Challenge

So I had alot of running around to do today in the rain. Jake got his braces off, got his haircut, then had to get some moss letters done. So during all this, I stopped to grab some lunch at McDonalds and it was great...until I was done and then I felt miserable. It got me thinking of all the processed foods and calories and the saying "you are what you eat" So I text my bff Jessica and told her about my 30 day challenge and now I want to offer the challenge to you guys...Starting May 1st, for 30 days, NO FAST FOOD. This was such a huge challenge that Jessica had to call me several times to see if pizza was the same as fast food lol Im just sick of feeling gross. If you are up to it, weigh yourself the morning of May 1st and write it down. Plan menus and grocery shop for a couple of weeks to make sure you have everything you need and wont be tempted to eat out. Resturants are okay and we determined pizza was ok but other than that, FAST FOOD IS OFF LIMITS. I cant wait to feel better and look leaner :) Until next time...

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