Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pain pain go away!

Hey peeps in blogland! So sorry I havent posted my many awesome projects but there is a reason for that...cause I havent gotten a chance to do them yet. So many of you know I started a new part time job last week. Love the job! Its so awesome and Im getting major deals on some awesome stuff. The downside...my feet are killing me!! I have had a desk job since I was 17 and have never done any type of manuel labor type work. Well, being on my feet for almost 8 hours straight on concrete is seriously making me come home and cry every night. I finally got some new shoes last night so hopefully I will see a difference soon. Because the pain is so bad, I come home and do nothing. I cant walk so therefore I cant cook dinner or clean or do my projects. This makes me sound like a really lazy person but for real people, I cant walk! lol I did do some clothes tonight and made dinner but now I have to find the strength to go clean the kitchen :) I have Thursday and Friday off and only have to work half day on Saturday so Im hoping to get lots of stuff done. I finally decided on what Im doing for my Handmade Gift Exchange so Im ready to get the ball rolling and get my body back to normal. Until next time...

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